Drake Quibodeaux

A young boy full of fun and adventure,
Chasing dreams and exploring life,
Catching fish, riding 4-wheelers,
and side by sides.

A young boy so full of life
Has now taken his heavenly flight,
On wings of eagles so high he shall fly
As pain has ceased, and the war was won!

The war was long, and dreary at best,
A young boy so full of love, is finally at rest.
A fight so brave, He amazed us all,

So full of strength and grace through it all.

Peace, he did find for the heavy battle load,
To Jesus he ran to make his way home.
Heaven awaits with peace and love and mercy
At its gates, as they welcome their new angel home,

The angel who’s name is none other than Drake!

Written by Tiff Hebert

05/27/19 - From Mama: "Drake won his battle at 2:55 this morning! He ran into the arms of Jesus."

05/26/19 - From Mama: "Yesterday started off much like the last week. Drake woke and asked for cinnamon rolls and I cooked them. He started crying with his head hurting so I gave meds. By 7:00 his oxygen levels(O2 sat) had dropped to 88-94. We called hospice and they recommended us to hook him up to oxygen. We done this and had a visit with our pastor. By 11:00 Drake was retracting when breathing, O2 says down to high 60s. This time they sent a nurse out and we gave lots of meds over the next 3 hours. Drake aspirated at least once yesterday so he is no longer allowed anything by mouth. We was told that Drake probably only has hours or days left on earth...."

05/08/19 - From Mama: Since Tomorrow is the first day of May and Brain Cancer month I figured I would walk you all through a typical day with Drake.  He wakes around 7:30 each morning and has to be helped out of bed. He walks maybe 5-10 steps to his rollator walker and we push(yes I’m aware you shouldn’t) to the couch. I then help him from there to the couch, which usually involves me picking him up. I then ask what he wants for breakfast and fix it. I have to put a bib on him and put his food in a tray. At 8:30 it’s medicine time. He gets 12 different meds/ supplements. He has to take the pills with yogurt/ pudding because he chokes otherwise. After meds I ask what he wants to do and it’s usually watch tv. He is unable to walk more than a few steps without resting. Any outings take him days to recover from. 12:00 is lunchtime and again I fix whatever he will eat and put it on a tray and a bib on him. He will nap from 12-2 as long as I am laying right beside him. If I get up he wakes and his sleep is way more important so I lay. Once he wakes it’s back to the couch to watch tv or hopefully play the switch or board games. Supper is the same as breakfast and lunch as well as any snack time. I have to keep a rag close by so he can wipe any drool off himself. Bath time is getting harder the weaker he gets. We have a special chair(think beach chair) that allows him to rest in the warm water. He needs help in and out. We have to soap him up and pick him up from the chair. He weighs 90 pounds now. At night he gets 8 more meds/supplements. Bedtime we help him climb in his bed and cover him up. He asks for a rag and sleeps with it under his mouth. Anytime he needs to potty we have to help him undress, dress, wipe and wash his hands. I have to brush his teeth. The last week he has been extremely dizzy and vomiting all but 3 days...... After consulting with hospice and oncology it is thought that his DIPG tumor is probably growing due to his symptoms. I will say that God is on his throne and no matter what we know Drake is healed!!!!  #morethan4 #negu #drakeIShealed #BTHODIPG

Drake Quibodeaux:  06/17/2010 - 05/27/2019

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What is DIPG?  DIPG, or diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, is a type of brain tumor found in an area of the brainstem know as the pons. The name diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma describes how the tumor grows, where it is found, and what kinds of cells give rise to the tumor.

CD.org asks that you please keep Drake and his sweet family in your prayers.  

Drake enjoys getting letters and cards from all over, if you would like to send one, the mailing address is:
Drake Quibodeaux
2412 Highway 388
Vinton, La.  70668

If you would like to help the family with a meal, please click here.

Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28