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I'm not a doctor, a nurse, a gardener, a drug king pin, or a miracle worker. I don't consume, deal, grow, manufacture, or sell anything considered "illegal."  I'm not offering medical advice, I'm simply telling you that studies exist, that this information is out there. I've collected all the nih. gov documents I could find, by ailment/disease, showing statistical data regarding cannabis as medication. I’ve simply organized it, and put it in one place, for easy access. I'm just a girl who once looked up all this information for someone I loved very dearly. Sadly, I was too late, and I lost him on his birthday: 11/29/15.

No one has a higher claim to your life than you do. You should at least have the opportunity to read this information for yourself, to decide what you want to do with it. Please, feel free to share the site and discuss the information with your family, friends, and doctor, to make an informed decision about your health.

Government retribution is real, look at our prison system. If you have an ailment/illness that you feel requires cannabis use, I encourage you to go somewhere it's legal for recreational use, there will be less regulation. Unfortunately in places where it's "legal" you have government involvement which still means regulations and taxation; only certain people can grow it, only certain people can sell it, only certain people can buy it, and you can only purchase/have a certain quantity.  You will want to purchase/grow the highest quality plants you can afford, legally, and cook the oil down yourself.  There are entirely too many scammers out there - if I wouldn't do it, I would not suggest that anyone else do it, either.  I am pro abolition, pro healTHCare freedom, and pro freedom, and free markets, in general.

Let me start this conversation by saying that you can't just go out, buy some weed off of some kid, and expect healing results.  I'm not going to say that it can't happen, but it's not likely.  You are going to have to take the time to learn about your ECS, read the nih. gov reports, AND/or have your doctor read them, and figure out which cannabinoids and terpenes you need to help with your illness.  The effects, of cannabinoid and terpene levels and quantity used, will vary from plant to plant, person to person, and illness to illness, just like any other medication.

Just because you get an idea of what you need doesn't mean you will get immediate results.  Cannabis, like any medication, is going to vary illness to illness, person to person.  There will be a need for tweaking, to get it just right for you.  You will also need to keep in mind that just because you are treating yourself for a specific illness, if you have other health issues, you need to keep a check on those, too.  Let's say, for instance, you want to treat arthritis (cannabis is GREAT for inflammation and pain) but you also have high blood pressure and diabetes.  Well, cannabis is also great for hypertension and diabetes.  So you would need to monitor your bp and your sugar levels to make sure you are not OVER medicating yourself on your regular medications.  

This is precisely why your doctor SHOULD be aware of what you are doing, so that everyone is on the same page.  Not ALL doctors are cannabis friendly, some are going to urge you to discontinue cannabis use in lieu of the currently accepted, FDA-approved meds and treatments.  Those very ones you see commercials for, every morning, telling you to contact a lawyer if you or a loved one have taken them and experienced any ill side effects, and/or death.  You know the ones...  

You are and SHOULD be in control of your own body and health.  What you put in your own body is YOUR decision.  No one has a higher claim to your life, your liberty, or your property than YOU do.  In turn, you do not have a higher claim to the life, liberty, and property of others.  

Do the research, if you need help you need only to ask - I am happy to help.  Find a doctor who LISTENS, and is willing to help you no matter WHAT it is you want to do or try.  Because YOU DESERVE THAT. Your family and friends deserve that.  The world deserves that.

CannabisData.org does NOT sell anything, I make NO money from this website, or from anyone who is associated with/listed on this website. I simply collect and organize nih. gov studies, the information to cook down the plant yourself for cannabis oil (NOT to be confused with hemp oil), and I'm currently working on a network of safe places and safe faces, including cannabis connoisseurs, consultants, farmers, lawyers, lodging, medical professionals, and everything in between.

This is a work in progress, I'm adding information daily. If you are looking for some info and do not see anything regarding your ailment/illness please send an email to: info@cannabisdata.org, with the particular ailment/illness in the subject.  I will address it as soon as possible.

Thank you,