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Edward L. Milton: 11/29/30 - 11/29/15

E.L. Milton was... is my Grandpa.  He is why I started this website.   I lost him on November 29th, his 85th birthday.  

He taught me how to be an individual, to "be your own man" was something he believed to be very important.  He was a living room philosopher, agitator, educator, and mentor.  He taught me how to not follow the crowd.  He taught me, by example, how to be a real rebel, to always be true to yourself, even and especially when it's unpopular, and you're on your own, and to never be ashamed of your intellect. 

He taught me to distrust, loathe, and buck the system, and all the corrupt players within it - but to always judge people as individuals, by their actions and character.  He taught me to be a critical thinker, a free thinker, and yet, to also be responsible and do good in the world, to help and care for those who couldn't take care of themselves.

He taught me how to work hard and to take pride in it, but to relax when the work was done.  He taught me how to change the oil in three different Buicks, to put shingles on a roof, to make a table that doesn't wobble, to read a map, to really enjoy story-telling, westerns, good music, and to appreciate nature, all its wonder and gifts. 
He taught me it's okay to be humble sometimes and to laugh at yourself, and that it's okay to be sentimental at times, like now, without losing what makes you tough.