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Diets/Eating Habits does not sell anything, or make any money from this site, or anyone who contributes information to this site.  I simply provide information for you to read, research, and share with your doctor and family.  I recommend that you go somewhere the plant is considered legal, to avoid government retribution, to make your own oil.  While it is legal in some places, you will still face regulation and taxation.   The reason I suggest this is because there are a lot of get-rich-quick people scheming and taking advantage of people who are in dire straits.   The thing to remember is that the effects, of cannabinoid and terpene levels and quantity used, will vary from plant to plant, person to person, and illness to illness, just like any other medication.  Please do read up on your ECS.  Grow/purchase the highest quality plants you can afford to get the best results.  I also recommend you use common sense, take all safety precautions while making the oil, you are dealing with very hot and very flammable materials.