My name is Candis Dyer. I'm a Johnson county organizer with Cannabis Open Carry Walks. I have been a cannabis patient for 15 years.  I have PTSD, severe anxiety, panic attacks, major depression disorder, and a personality disorder.  I was prescribed so many different medications throughout my life, one of them being 3 per day, 1mg Xanax.  I couldn't even function to take care of my children. Throughout one of my toughest times, not having health insurance, someone suggested I smoke cannabis instead.  I did and it was the best decision I ever made in my life.  

Prescription pills destroyed my life and they were going to be the death of me.  Cannabis saved my life! Cannabis stops my panic attacks about 90% of the time!  It helps with my flashbacks and night terrors from the PTSD.  It takes away my depression completely!  No pharmaceutical ever did even half of what cannabis does.  Recently I’ve been dealing with pain issues from two bulging disks and three pinched nerves.  Not only has it helped with all the other issues, but now it helps with my pain, too.  CBD is not enough for some of us, we need the whole plant.  The limit on THC is not enough for a lot of us, the level allowed here in Texas is still not enough for many cannabis refugees to be able to even come back and visit with their families. We have to legalize cannabis in Texas!!  Too many lives are at stake!  That's not even touching the fact that in other legal states the opioid epidemic has gone way down.  There are so many scientific studies that are out now.  It's just BS that Texas hasn't gotten with the program. We need cannabis legal in Texas! We need to be able to safely medicate without fear of being locked up.

Thank God I was never caught with cannabis or been in any legal trouble, but unfortunately I have a son who has.  He is now in prison serving a 6-year sentence.  I started fighting for cannabis with
Cannabis Open Carry Walks a year ago, about five months into starting this fight my son was charged and sentenced.  Although cannabis and its medical benefits was why I started this fight, my son being locked up has pushed me to fight that much harder. Cannabis Open Carry Walks is a group of amazing cannabis activists all over Texas, and we have walks all over to spread information, to  educate the public on why needs to be legalized.  Also, we go to Austin every chance we get to testify on any upcoming bills.  I'm so proud to be one of the many in Texas that work so hard to bring cannabis freedom in Texas to light.  We have to continue to fight for the people who can't.  The medical patients that, for whatever reasons, can’t come forward.  People are dying.  We have to continue to fight for all the people’s lives that will never be the same because they were charged with a victimless drug crime.  My son was 18-years-old when he went to prison.  When he gets out of prison he won't be able to get a job because he's been charged with felonies.  So what do you think that people who get out of jail and can't get a job ended up going back to?  There's a lot of money to be made in the cannabis industry here in Texas, but before I can even think about making money I have to change the laws for those who have been locked up because of the victimless “crime” of cannabis.


Candis Dyer