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No one should be  forced to "break the law," or fear retribution from the state for doing so, to get the medicine/treatment of their choice.  These people are victims of the witch hunt known as the "war" on drugs, which has made "criminals" out of them.   This is why CannabisData.org advocates and educates on the importance of #ABOLITION > legalization, individual rights, free markets, free association, and voluntary relationships.  Unless cannabis is growing on the sides of the roads, in your garden with your tomatoes and collards, easily traded between consenting, voluntary people - it's not "legal."  If one person cannot access the cannabis they need, cannabinoids and quantities they need, it's not "legal."  No one has a higher claim to your life, liberty, and property than you do.  In turn you do not have a higher claim to the life, liberty, and property of others.  The only way to protect your own very precious individual rights is to respect and protect those of all others - even and especially those you may disagree with. 

#ENDTHEWARONDRUGS #NoMoreCannabisRefugees  #NoMorePoliticalPlantPrisooners  #healTHCareFreedom  #ABOLITION  #taxationIStheft  #statismISslavery  #FREEtheMarkets  #Voluntaryism  #selfownership